CT1 Core Surgical Training Recruitment At A Glance

Welcome to CT1 Core Surgical Training Recruitment at Health Education North West (North West)

Last reviewed: 22 October 2014


Recruitment information

Next recruitment episode anticipated

Round 1 – November 2014

Advert appears

Thursday 6th November 2014

Apply from

 Applications open Tuesday 11th November 2014 - 10am UK time

Closing date

Applications close Thursday 4th December 2014 – 4pm UK time

Offers from

No later than Thursday 12th March 2015, 5pm UK time

Online recruitment portal


Qualifications & professional registration required

2015 person specifications


Eligibility criteria

See here for Eligibility Criteria

Anticipated start date

Wednesday 5th August 2015


Specialty specific recruitment information

Interview Date(s)

20th - 31st January 2014 (across 10 working days)

Interview Location

Charing Cross Hotel, Central London

Invitations to Interview expected

January 2015

Lead Recruiter

Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Lead Recruiter website



Not applicable

What to bring to interview

Refer to the Document Checking section of the Core Surgery website**



Programme information

Specialty & level (type of work)

CT1 Core Surgical Training (Themed)

Anticipated number of vacancies


2014 fill rate


Competition Ratios

In round 1, 2014, there were around ???  applications for every post.

Programme Details

See here

Role Description (or Job Description if available)

Will be provided in due course

Training Locations

See the Sector Guide for Core Surgery OR

Map of Core Surgery training locations OR

Anticipated Duration of Programme

2 years

Anticipated Outcome of Programme (subject to satisfactory progression)

Completion of Core Training in Surgery

See Gold Guide for further details

Expected Rotation Information

Usually 6 month blocks

Sample Rotation

See below for break-down of tracks by theme

GMC Trainees' Survey link

GMC Training Survey Tool



Lead Employer contact details



0161 604 5553


Employment Information


Details of the employer, links to salary scales/basic pay, national terms and conditions of service, employment policies and HENW/NW travel and relocation expenses policy can be found on the following page




Hospitals Sites for Core Surgical Training Updated for 2014

Please note that we are only able to offer to theme for recruitment 2014. We do intend to have an allocation process once offers have been accepted. However, at this time, we cannot confirm full track details for 2014 and feel it is better to offer to theme rather than to tracks that may subsequently have to be changed.

Please note number of posts per theme are subject to change. We hope to have final numbers by theme available in late January/early February 2014.




Anticipated vacancies**

Cardiothoracic Surgery



Please see also details of ST1 Cardiothoracic Surgery run through post




General Surgery






Please also see details of ST1 OMFS run through post

Trauma & Orthopaedics



Paediatric Surgery



Plastic Surgery








Blue = North Sector Trusts

Green = South Sector Trusts


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Proposed break-down of tracks by theme for 2013


Theme Major Specialty Minor Specialty
Cardiothoracic Surgery 18 months of Cardiothoracic Surgery 6 months of General Surgery
ENT 18 months of ENT Usually 6 months of General Sugery but sometimes Plastic Surgery instead
General Surgery 18 months of General Surgery 6 months of either Urology, Orthopaedics, ENT or Cardiothoracic Surgery
OMFS 4 x 6 months placements in OMFS Including ENT, General Surgery, Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery
Paediatric Surgery 12 months of Paediatric Surgery 12 months in either Orthopaedics and General Surgery or Orthopaedics and ENT
Plastic Surgery 18 months of Plastic Surgery 6 months of General Surgery or Orthopaedics
T&O 18 months of Orthopaedics 6 months of General Surgery and sometimes Plastic Surgery instead
Urology 18 months of Urology 6 months of General Surgery