Introduction/Overview of Programme

The 5 year training programme delivers training based up on JRCPTB.  The training programme is run in 2 zones (Greater Manchester & Central Lancashire).  All trainees rotate through Royal Preston Hospital and Hope hospital Salford Manchester.  Each registrar spends 1 third (2 years) at Preston and 2 thirds (3 years) at Hope hospital.  Currently this is set up in 6 months blocks, 3 - 4 of which take place in Preston and 5 - 6 in Manchester.
  • During placement there is a structured teaching programme comprising of: Weekly departmental academic meetings in Neurology/Neurosurgery (1 hour), Neuroradiology (1 hour), Neuropathology (1 in 4, 1 hour).
  • Journal Club (1 hour)
  • Teaching Ward Rounds (2 per week)
  • Audit Meeting (1 hour per month)


General Description of Rotation

All trainees rotate through different posts that have an emphasis on:
  • General neurology
  • Sub specialities - Parkinsons Disease, Epilepsy, Stroke, Dementia, Neuromuscular, Dystonia, Neuro-immunology, Neuropsycology.
  • Sub sub specialities – NeuroOphthalmology, Neurotology, Neuro-rehabilitation, Neurosurgery, Neuro-ITU, Neuro-paediatrics, Pain clinics.
During these posts their training will be provided by named supervisors, trainers and peers.  Each educational supervisor will follow the trainees’ evolution through the training programme.  These supervisors will be different in Preston and in Manchester.  At each site the trainee will work for 1 or more "training consultants" these will rotate as the trainee changes firms.  The trainee consultants meet quarterly and there will be regular feed back from Educational supervisor.  Formal annual review by the deanery, with an external assessor usually takes place in May.

Educational Opportunities

There is an active and successful regional training programme in conjunction with Mersey Deanery rotating through the 3 Neurosciences sites (Walton Liverpool, Preston & Manchester).
During monthly seminars we intend to cover “curriculum for higher specialist training in Neurology” as outlined by Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training chaired by Charles Warlow within 3 years.
All trainees based at Royal Preston hospital, Hope hospital, Manchester and Walton Centre, Liverpool (Mersey deanery) are expected to attend and contribute to these meetings. Clinic commitments are cancelled to aid attendance.
All trainees are encouraged to utilise their study leave allocation to further enhance their education in self-directed routes. This often involves attendance at conferences nationally or internationally and other teaching events. They also have access to sponsorship from commercial sources for these purposes.


Trainees who have not undertaken neuroscience research prior to their appointment will be expected to seek contacts with the research programmes in Manchester (either clinical or basic science). A wealth of opportunities exists at the three major university establishments (UMIST, Manchester’s Victoria University, Salford University). The staff at Manchester’s medical school, in the Stopford Building near Manchester Royal Infirmary, are likely to be particularly relevant for these endeavours.
A Wellcome Clinical Research unit is in the process of being constructed on the medical school site and several zones of internationally recognised medical research take place in the city.  Both sites have an actively supported programme of Audit. All trainees are expected to undertake Audit and are actively supported to do so.
North West Deanery runs a regular programme and teaching the teachers, diversity, equality courses which trainees are encouraged to attend.


Last reviewed:  6th August 2013