Paediatric ePortfolio (RCPCH) - February 2010

All paediatric trainees should now enroll for the RCPCH   E portfolio

The College portfolio is designed with three purposes in mind - as a learning tool for trainees, to assist with educational supervision and as a central source of information for all those involved in training.

1. Passwords/Usernames

To be allocated an e-Portfolio account, a trainee must enroll with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.  He/She will then be able to trace your progress through training, keeping a log of the various things you have done, skills and knowledge you have gained and assessments you have taken.

Access/enrollment for e-portfolio can be found on following web site:


An Educational Supervisor requiring an e-Portfolio account should contact their local deanery administrator, who will be able to set up their account and link them to their trainees. (Information: For educational supervisors please email Jill Lysons at j.lysons@NWpgmd.nhs.uk if they do not have a username/password)

NB Please ensure that no patient identifiable information is stored within your e-Portfolio to ensure that we are all compliant with regulations.

E-Portfolio contains details of the curriculum and assessments required at each stage of your training, a template for your Personal Development Plan and areas where you can reflect on your learning. 

Copies of all the various declarations and supervision forms required for each stage of training are also contained here. There are sections of the e-Portfolio which you are able to keep private or share with your supervisor and any information marked "private" will only be capable of access by you.


Each deanery has allocated a local champion and deanery administrator ( see below) to provide support for local enquiries and the College has members of the Training and Assessment team assisting with enquiries and monitoring any technical difficulties encountered. Please use the "e-Portfolio enquiries" section within your account to raise any enquiries you may have whether they be local, national or technical.


The results of any assessments you have done since August 2007 should now appear in your e-Portfolio account.

Please note - ePortfolio and AsSET are two separate websites. AsSET is for the completion of assessments online (CbD, DOPS etc).

2. Guidance, Help sheets and User guides

Hopefully the RCPCH e portfolio is self explanatory with sections easily accessed. However if there are practical problems either use the "e-Portfolio enquiries" section within your account to raise any enquiries or use the points of contact below. There is a power-point presentation available from Deanery Portfolio Lead

Further information and help is posted on the RCPCH website at

3. Points of Contact

Deanery ePortfolio Administrator: Jill Lysons at j.lysons@NWpgmd.nhs.uk

Deanery ePortfolio Lead: Raj VERMA (Regional Advisor) at


National ePortfolio Helpdesk:http://v1.nhseportfolios.org

4. The ePortfolio and ARCP (Annual Review of Competency Progression)

During your 6 month attachments you should each be allocated an educational supervisor (matched to your name on e portfolio - any concerns then please email Jill Lysons at j.lysons@NWpgmd.nhs.uk .). You should receive initial, mid term and final review of your progress with a 'pen picture' at the end of your attachment

You will have an annual review of your progress (All trainees ST1 - ST8) in accordance with RCPCH curriculum agreed with PMETB. This process will be run by the Deanery and will involve 2 panels.  Panel A will consist of an electronic review of the evidence in your ePortfolio. If there any subsequent issues arising, you will be invited to a Panel B interview.

The E portfolio and RCPCH web site has standardized all requirements agreed with PEMETB defining satisfactory progress.

It is advised to take the MRCPCH exam components early in training to ensure success.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in an unsatisfactory ARCP outcome and hinder your progress to the next stage of your training.

5. Curricula

You will be following the RCPCH curricula. These can be found within the e portfolio and used as an aid to learning as well as personal development. They can also be found on the RCPCH website: http://www.rcpch.ac.uk/Training/Competency-Frameworks