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Introduction/Overview of the Programme:

The core training programme in Paediatrics ( Level 1 ) is designed to take trainees new to the speciality and provide a broad based training programme to enable them to achieve the competencies set by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. Trainees will have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of specialities and locations around the Northwest region.

General Description of Programme:

Training is based in the district general hospitals around the North Western Deanery and also the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. ST1 trainees will be based in a district general hospital or teaching hospital and will rotate after 6 months. Following succesful progression to ST2 trainees will be placed in the Children's Hospital for sub-speciality training and a Tertiary Neonatal Unit. Trainees in ST3 will be allocated further sub-speciality training at the Children's Hospital and will spend six months in a district general hospital at an ST3 level.

Trainees will participate in the ARCP interim and final appraisal processes organised by the Deanery and School of Paediatrics.

Educational Opportunities:

ST1 - ST3 trainees will be provided with ample and diverse training opportunities.
Each Trust provides a weekly programme of in-house teaching and ST1 trainees in their 1st six months will attend these sessions. Trainees will be expected to participate in case presentations, journal reviews and Audit. There may be opportunities to participate in research. Appraisals will be based on national guidelines and competencies will be formally assessed at the ARCP panels in June.

There is a comprehensive core teaching programme which takes place on Wednesday afternoons at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. Trainees will attend after their first six month posting and continue to attend until they reach level 2 training. Attendance is mandatory, an attendance register is kept and trainees will be expected to have attended a minimum of 80% of the topics included in the programme.


Involvement in research and audit is expected and encouraged. Most Trusts have a head of research and an audit lead which will provide ideas and support for projects. Trainees will be expected to complete a minimum of one audit per year which must be submitted and presented at their host trust. Research is actively encouraged.

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