North West School of Surgery - Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery, West Sector (Mersey) - Clinical Audit, Education & Training






Information on this page relates to the West (Cheshire & Merseyside) Sector of Health Edcuation England, North West (HEE NW) only.




North West is unique in offering a 4 year OMFS Masters Degree programme through The University of Liverpool which all HEE NW trainees (inc ST1/2) are invited to join. This programme is based at the Regional Maxillofacial Unit in Liverpool and led by Prof Richard Shaw and covers all aspects of the OMFS curriculum. 


Postgraduate Education Centres and Libraries


The OMFS unit is actively engaged in Postgraduate Education. On all sites there are Postgraduate Centres with good library facilities. All major journals are held in the Aintree library which is linked to Edgehill University.




There is a monthly audit day in which all staff are actively encouraged to present cases (including morbidity and mortality, serious untoward incidents), audits and research projects.


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