Application Process - Educational Supervisor September 2023 - 2024


Dental Foundation Training

Applications are invited for Educational Supervisors for the year 2023/2024 in HEE NW


(Greater Manchester/South Cumbria/Lancashire/Cheshire & Merseyside) the

Application Forms will open 17th February 2023 with a closing date of 27th February 2023 (extended from original closing date of 16th December 2022)

The Dental Foundation Training Scheme (DFT) aims to provide new graduates with an introduction into general practice.  The one-year training period (2-year if appointed to the longitudinal scheme) takes place primarily in a training practice under the guidance of an experienced practitioner and involves the Foundation Dentist (FD) attending a study programme equating to thirty days during the training year. 

There are several reasons for wanting to become an Educational Supervisor (ES). Educational Supervisors agree that the Dental Foundation Training Scheme is an invaluable introduction to general practice post-qualification.  Educational Supervisors want to pass on their experience and help new graduates to become effective and efficient general dental practitioners. An FD would generally need about half the workload of an associate. 

FDs currently attract a contract value of approx. £78,296.28 though this may be subject to nationally published figures. This includes a training grant, service costs and refund of National Insurance contributions. The FDs are no longer employed by the practice but the Lead Employer. It is the Lead Employer who pays the salary and provides HR support throughout the year.

As an ES you will be required to attend 14 sessions of approved postgraduate education during the year. These include termly meetings with other ES’s, developmental days to help with the training role, completion of case reviews (APLAN) the FDs must upload and various face to face sessions with the FDs to help deliver the study programme. In addition, it is also a requirement that you allocate 1 hour per week within clinical hours so that a tutorial can be carried out with the FD.  It is also a requirement that the practice has an NHS commitment of 30% or more and that the ES completes at least 1,000 UDAs per year, on a wide range of patients, not child only contracts. Further details can be found in the Educational Supervisor Handbook.

Any successful applicant that is not a practice owner, must have agreement in writing with the practice owner regarding the training commitments and financial arrangements before applying for the post.

As part of the quality assurance process for foundation training it is a requirement of HEE NW to ensure that all education supervisors that are appointed provide high quality education and training.  To enable this process COPDEND (Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors) have produced ‘Standards for Dental Educators’.  Details of these standards can be found on the COPDEND website 

All applicants must be up to date with their CPD requirements in line with the GDC recommendations within their current five-year cycle. A formal qualification in the area of clinical education is desirable but not essential, this can be started when appointed.  HEE NW are not being prescriptive on the qualification attained, but Edge Hill University offer a subsidised course.

Further information on expressions of interest can be directed to

The link to the application form will go live and will be posted on

The timeline for the recruitment process is expected to be as follows:

  • Application Window – closes 27th February 2023.-  Link to application form:
    Deadline for Self-declaration Audit and completion of Supporting Documentation for the application of New Educational Supervisors – 1st March 2023
  • Documents
    Self Declaration Audit Form
    ES Recruitment Guidance
    ES Handbook
    ES Person Specification
  • ES Job Description

    Practice Visits – dates/panels – February/March 2023   

    Interviews – 13th April – 27th April 2023 (subject to availability)
    Successful Applicants will be notified – to be confirmed before FD allocation/application process is opened (normally early June).
    FD will start in practice on 1st September 2023