Educational Supervisor Appraisal Documents

What is Dental Appraisal? 

A simplistic description would be that ‘Appraisal is an individual‘s assessment of their current practice; their identification, with the confidential assistance of a trained Appraiser, of areas of practice that should or could be improved; and the formulation of a prioritised action plan of how to achieve these improvements as part of their continuing professional development’.

How has Dental Appraisal evolved?

Health Education England North West (HEENW) has created a modified appraisal package that is in line with GDS appraisal but which acknowledges the considerable evidence already examined in the appointment of an Educational Supervisor in Health Education England North West.

How does it work?

Appraisal begins with reflection; Part A, which should be read carefully before the completion of a self-assessed form,  Part B This reflection relates to the individual current practise of the Educational Supervisor in the four domains of Professionalism, Clinical Care, Communication, and Management and leadership.

The additional domain of being an educator has been integrated within the 4 GDC domains.

This will require preparation time. The completion of the portfolio and recording of tutorials should be updated contemporaneously to maximize efficiency.

To ensure a robust approach to appraisal, the self- assessment is to be supported by documentary and or other evidence. A list of possible documentary evidence to be provided by the appraisee is included in the appraisal literature and summarized in Part B.  This portfolio of evidence is verified by the Appraiser as part of the quality managed process.

What happens at the appraisal meeting?

The practice inspection that took place prior to the Educational Supervisor appointment will have already covered the majority of the policies and protocols expected of good dental practice. This means that the discussion will be able to concentrate on the Educational Supervisor as an ‘educator and role model’ for the Foundation Dentist. This confidential discussion will take place after the appraiser has had time to assimilate the detail in the appraisal forms, from which action points will be derived and a personal development plan created; Part C.

Both parties are expected to complete feedback on the process at the conclusion of the Appraisal. Please use links below. 

ES Appraisee Feedback

Appraiser Feedback


Please return Part B to:

In summary:


Educational Supervisor (ES)



  • Collation of supporting information for portfolio
  • Self-assessment of portfolio supporting information and performance set against assessment tool
  • Presentation of portfolio to Appraiser ideally 2 weeks before
  • Review of portfolio supporting information
  • Assessment of supporting information & performance
  • Preparation for discussion


  • Confidential discussion exploring the portfolio
  • Creation of Prioritized PDP
  • Summary of discussion
  • Identification of action points
  • Sign off Appraisal

Post Appraisal

  • Submit feedback form via link and return Part B
  • Submit feedback form via link


Domain 1 –Clinical Care; Knowledge, Skills and Performance

Attribute 1

Maintain your professional competence

Attribute 2

Ability to share knowledge and experience in practice

Attribute 3

Keep clear, accurate and legible records

 Domain 2 – Management and team leadership; safety and quality

Attribute 4

Demonstrate effective systems to protect patients and improve care

Attribute 5

Respond to risk to safety and impart this to FD’s

Attribute 6

Work constructively with colleagues and delegate safely

Domain 3 – Communication; partnership and teamwork

Attribute 7

Communicate effectively including the use of a feedback mechanism

Attribute 8

Establish and maintain partnerships with patients and FD’s

Attribute 9

Treat patients and colleagues fairly without discrimination



 Domain 4 – Professionalism – maintaining trust

Attribute 10

Show respect for patients and colleagues

Attribute 11

Act with honesty and integrity

Attribute 12

Protect patients and colleagues from any risk posed by your health


Can feedback be given?

Yes. Feedback will be expected from both parties without any breach of confidentiality. A form is provided for this purpose. As Health Education England North West is quality managing this process, it is important that refinements are made where necessary and this cannot be done without constructive feedback.

Will CPD be awarded?

Yes. 2 hours verifiable CPD will be given for maintaining standards in educational supervision for the first Appraisal. Re Appraisal will be awarded 1.5 hours verifiable CPD.

How often will appraisal have to be undertaken?

It is expected that appraisal will have to be repeated at a minimum of 2 yearly intervals.

Who benefits?

The Educational Supervisor benefits from a confidential opportunity to identify and address specific areas to improve in their role by the production of a PDP upon which their subsequent CPD will be mapped. The Foundation Dentist benefits from the assurance that they are receiving good quality foundation training and Health Education England North West is able to support both parties whilst providing the means to satisfy the learning needs identified.

Health Education England North West has an obligation to both the Educational Supervisor and the Foundation Dentists to ensure that good quality educational supervision is provided for them. It is uniquely placed to follow through with the provision of the required training going forward.