Foundation Training Vacancies

North Western Foundation School

Foundation Training Vacancies in the North West

F1 Vacancies for August 2014-2015

There is currently no information available regarding F1 level vacancies that may arise within this Foundation School for August 2014-2015.  Details will be published here later in the year.

F2 Vacancies for August 2014-2015
One-Year Fixed Term Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) FY2

Standalone F2 level vacancies that arise within this Foundation School for August 2014 - 2015 will be advertised by the Trust where the vacancy has occured on the NHS Jobs website,

Potential applicants are advised that trusts will state clearly in their advert whether or not any available F2 posts are for training. Training posts will be one-year fixed term locum appointments for training (LAT) and only open to those doctors holding full GMC registration.  Recruitment will be carried out by the Trust with the vacancy and will follow the regulations set out in the National Recruitment Framework.

Please note that as part of the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) advertisements must be available for a minimum of 28 calendar days and cannot be placed more than 6 months prior to the job starting. Potential applicants interested in the North Western School are advised to keep an eye on the NHS Jobs website from the middle of February (2014) onwards.

Full details of the National Recruitment Framework can be found on the national Foundation Programme website.

Vacancy Update - 09 April 2014

There are currently no vacancies in the North Western Foundation School for August 2014