GDC Referrals - Conditions Imposed on Registration

The GDC has now imposed conditions on your registration.  You may now be required to contact the Deanery to begin work to address the areas of concern identified in your hearing as part of your conditions.

If this is the case please contact Mrs Deborah Colvin  to arrange a meeting with Mrs Julie Macfarlane, Associate Dental Director for Conduct and Performance to discuss how we can help you in meeting these conditions.

It is important that you send Mrs Macfarlane a copy of the conditions imposed on your registration before any meeting and include the name and contact details of your legal representative and defence organisation. Her email address is

The Deanery Team is committed to assisting you in remedying the weaknesses identified but will require your whole hearted co-operation.

The cost of any remediation will be carried by you.

At the first meeting there will be a discussion centred on those areas in which you have been found impaired and you will be asked to carry out a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

Subsequent meetings will work through a whole of practice appraisal including the areas of main concern identified through your GDC hearing.

If your conditions require it, a suitably qualified mentor/educational supervisor/clinical supervisor will be appointed, with your agreement; the cost of this service will be carried by you.

Any report generated will be sent, as directed in your conditions, to the case worker at the GDC as well as to you and/or your representative.