Individual Peer Review (previously known as Appraisal) Overview

It is envisaged that Individual Peer Review (IPR) will become embedded in the ethos of the profession to provide a means of assisting dental registrants to establish their current educational and personal development thereby underpinning a needs based postgraduate educational service and not solely as a means of satisfying, as yet unknown, revalidation requirements. Using the GDC Standards for Dental Professionals, Dental IPR has continued to be reviewed over the years. The 4 Domains of Clinical Care, Management and Team Leadership, Communication and Professionalism remain the thread running through the process to keep on track with the prospect of Revalidation in the future.

HEENW have created a workbook to assist in the Dental IPR process and the creation of a Personal Development Plan (PDP). The workbook has been designed to be relevant to all dental professional fields of practice – Primary and Secondary Care dental registrants.  The workbook can be utilised for the creation of a PDP and can be used either independently or as part of a one to one meeting with a HEE trained facilitator in line with GDC enhanced CPD (


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Educational Supervisors have specifically designed IPR/Appraisal workbooks, for more information or to download the workbooks click here -

Please return the summary of your future CPD requirements and feedback forms to whether or not you have completed the workbook independently or within 2 weeks if you have completed the workbook as part of a one to one meeting.  Upon receipt, a CPD Certificate will be issued to the registrant.

Your feedback is important to us to ensure the quality of Individual Peer Reviews and to enable HEE to provide needs led education and training courses.

Dental IPR Overview; Preparation and Practice



HEE Facilitator


Collation of supporting information for portfolio

Complete workbook up to the ‘Intentionally Left Blank’ page


Self assessment of portfolio supporting information and performance


Presentation of portfolio to Facilitator ideally 2 weeks before

Review of portfolio supporting information


Assessment of supporting information & performance


Preparation for discussion

During IPR

Exploring the portfolio and refinement of assessment

Exploring, feedback & refinement of assessment

End of IPR

Production of PDP

Completion of the statements for IPR.


Signing off achievements of previous PDP



Domain 1 –Clinical Care; Knowledge, Skills and Performance

Attribute 1

Maintain your professional competence

Attribute 2

Apply knowledge and experience in practice

Attribute 3

Keep clear, accurate and legible records


Domain 2 – Management and team leadership; safety and quality

Attribute 4

Put into effect systems to protect patients and improve care

Attribute 5

Respond to risk to safety

Attribute 6

Work constructively with colleagues and delegate safely


Domain 3 – Communication; partnership and teamwork

Attribute 7

Communicate effectively

Attribute 8

Establish and maintain partnerships with patients

Attribute 9

Treat patients and colleagues fairly without discrimination


Domain 4 – Professionalism – maintaining trust


Attribute 10

Show respect for patients

Attribute 11

Act with honesty and integrity

Attribute 12

Protect patients and colleagues from any risk posed by your health