School of Pathology Specialties

Welcome to the School of Pathology

The School of Pathology was established in the North Western Deanery in January 2012 following the appointment of Dr Richard J Hale as Head of School. 

The School overseas the training in chemical pathology, medical microbiology, virology and histopathology (including the subspecialties of paediatric pathology, cytopathology and neuropathology). The aim is to provide specialist training to ensure new consultants are appointed with the knowledge and skills required for professional practice.

The core function of the School is to manage the quality of training, ensuring that trainees have access to the highest standard of teaching at all stages of their careers. The School is involved in local and national recruitment (dependent upon the subspecialty). It has a lead role in assessments and appraisals, preparation for examinations and the development of practical and non-technical skills. The School has links with Manchester Medical School, the Patterson research institute at the Christie Hospital and with other Universities who provide health related education and facilities for research. Trainees are encouraged to develop an academic interest and there are excellent opportunities for trainees to gain specific training in Medical Education and Medical Leadership.

The training schemes encompass departments throughout the North Western Region including units in South Cumbria, Lancashire and Greater Manchester. These vary between the subspecialties and more detail is included in the individual subspecialty descriptions.

In general trainees rotate in August and February (on 6 or 12 monthly attachments) and each trainee's placement is based on their individual educational needs.


Last updated: 12/02/2013