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Next recruitment episode anticipated

Closed as of 5th December 2013

Recruitment Information

Specialty & Level (Type of Work)

ST1 Histopathology

Anticipated Number of Vacancies

6 x ST1

Fill Rate


Recruitment Round

Round 1, 2014 (starting November 2013)

Type of Recruitment

National - coordinated by London Shared Services

Qualifications & Professional Registration Required

Click here for the 2014 person specifications

Eligibility Criteria See here for the Eligibility Criteria

Anticipated Start Date

Wednesday 6th August 2014

Competition Ratios


Contact Us


Pennine Recruitment Helpdesk 0161 604 5553

Application Process

Please see the London Shared Services website for details

Online Recruitment Portal

GTI- access via London Shared Services website

Provisional Recruitment Timetable



Advert appears

Monday 7th November 2013

Apply from

Tuesday 12th November 2013, 10am UK Time

Closing Date

Thursday 5th December 2013, 5pm UK Time



Invitations to Interview expected


Interview Date(s)

3rd, 4th & 5th February 2014

Interview Location

London - exact location TBC

What to bring to interview

Refer to London Shared Services information

Travel Expense Claim Forms

Refer to London Shared Services information

Offers from

No later than Wednesday 5th March 2014, 5pm UK Time

Programme Information

Programme Details

Click here for Programme Details. The Royal College's Curriculum can be accessed here.

Role Description (or Job Description if available)

Will be provided in due course.

Training Locations

Locations include

A map view of training location can be found here

Anticipated Duration of Programme

Usually 5 1/2 years

Anticipated Outcome of Programme (subject to satisfactory progression)


See Gold Guide for further information

Expected Rotation Information

Usually 1 x 12 month placements per year

Sample Rotation

Trainees allocated to Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust initially and then rotate based on educational need.

GMC Trainees' Survey link

Click here for the 2013  GMC Survey reporting tool

Employment Information


Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Salary Scale / Basic Pay

Refer to latest NHS Employers' M&D Pay Circular (Specialty Registrar - Full)

National Terms & Conditions

Junior Doctors' Terms & Conditions of Service

Travel and relocation expenses policy

Refer to paragraphs 277 - 308 in the Junior Doctors' Terms & Conditions of Service.

For Relocation Expenses, also see Pennine Lead Employer Policies' page

Other Policies & Guidance

Click here for Lead Employer policies.

Click here for Deanery policies.

Last Reviewed: 6th November 2013

Training Locations


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