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Next recruitment episode anticipated

Round 1, 2015 (November 2014)

Recruitment Information

Specialty & Level (Type of Work)

CT1 Anaesthesia

Anticipated Number of Vacancies


Fill Rate

See: http://www.nwpgmd.nhs.uk/Fill_Rate for details

Recruitment Round

Round 1, 2015 (November 2014)

Type of Recruitment

National - coordinated by the Health Education West Midlands

Qualifications & Professional Registration Required

Click here to access the 2014 person specifications

Eligibility Criteria

See here for Eligibility Criteria

Anticipated Start Date

Wednesday 5th August 2015

Competition Ratios

In 2010, we received 161 applications for 36 posts; almost 5 applications for every post.

In 2011, via the national recruitment process, we received 120 applications for 26 posts; around 4.6 applications for every post.

In 2012, we received 59 applications for 29 Anaesthesia posts and 10 ACCS - Anaesthesia posts, that's just over 2 applications for every post.

Contact Us


Pennine Recruitment Helpdesk 0161 604 5553

Application Process

Please see:   http://anro.wm.hee.nhs.uk/ct1

Online Recruitment Portal


Oriel - www.oriel.nhs.uk


Provisional Recruitment Timetable



Advert appears

Thursday 6th November 2014

Apply from

 Tuesday 11th November 2014, 10am UK time

Closing Date

Thursday 4th December 2014, 4pm UK time



Invitations to Interview expected

January 2015

Interview Date(s)

5th - 6th February 2015

Interview Location

Reebok Stadium, BL6 6JW

What to bring to interview

Refer to Information for Applicants attending Interview page

Travel Expense Claim Forms

Download Travel Expense Claim Form here

Offers from

No later than 12th March 2015, 5pm UK time

Programme Information

Programme Details

Programme details can be accessed here.

The College's Curriculum can be accessed here.

Role Description (or Job Description if available)

Refer to Programme details and especially information on SouthCentral and North Schools.

Training Locations

Click here for Sector Guide for CT1 Anaesthesia or

click here for a map of locations


Anticipated Duration of Programme

2 years

Anticipated Outcome of Programme (subject to satisfactory progression)

Completion of Core Training

See Gold Guide for further information

Expected Rotation Information

Usually 1 x 12 month placement per year. Sometimes 2 x 6 month placements per year.

Sample Rotation

In most cases, the 4 x 6 month placements in each ACCS specialty will be provided within the same trust. Where that is not possible, the trusts will be located close by. See programme details and map for more information

PMETB Trainees' Survey link

Click here for 2014 Anaesthesia Trainees' Survey


Employment Information


Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Salary Scale / Basic Pay

Refer to latest NHS Employers' M&D Pay Circular (Specialty Registrar - Core)

National Terms & Conditions

Junior Doctors' Terms & Conditions of Service

Travel and relocation expenses policy

Refer to paragraphs 277 - 308 in the Junior Doctors' Terms & Conditions of Service.

For Relocation Expenses, also see Pennine Lead Employer Policies' page

Other Policies & Guidance

Click here for Lead Employer policies.

Click here for Deanery policies.

Last reviewed: 22nd July 2014


Hospital Sites

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