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Please Note:

****Important Study Leave Update****

HICOM – Accent Leave system

This an important announcement for all Post Graduate doctors in training who are involved in the Study leave application and expense process.

In conjunction with HICOM and the HEE National Study Leave project team HEENW are pleased to announce changes to the way Study Leave applications and expenses will be processed.

The process has been under discussion for some time and has already been rolled out to some regions with positive feedback and now I am delighted to say it will be shortly introduced to the North West region.

The system will be automated and you as Post Graduate Doctors in training will be able to view exactly where any application is in the process.

In the next week or two, certainly by the end of October, you will receive an introductory email from HICOM with details of how to access the system. It is important to note although you will receive this email you will not be able to use the system until it is confirmed by the Study Leave team at HEE NW that your specialty/school are now live on the system.

The rollout will be controlled by HEENW but we are committed to getting everyone on the new system as soon as possible, it should result in a more user friendly and more time efficient Study Leave process.

As I am sure will appreciate they Study Leave team will be extremely busy during preparation for transition to the new system as well as continuing the processing of applications via the current system.

I am sure there will be many questions, we intend to continue further communications with you and will provide regular updates on the Study Leave webpage which I hope will answer several of these as we progress to go live.

If you do have any urgent queries or concerns please

Finally to facilitate important work on the transition all FS2 expense claims to be included in November salary need to be submitted by Tuesday 1st November.


   HEE NW guidance on study leave during COVID-19


On 1st April 2016 the application process for Study Leave will become consistent across the region, with responsibility for managing Study Leave given to Training Programme Directors. Guidance documents, guidance flowcharts, and FS1 Application forms are available below.

The information on this page is for trainees in Hospital Specialties only (excluding Foundation and Dentistry).

GP Trainees should follow the General Practice process for study leave, which can be found here:

Dentistry Trainees should follow the Dental process for study leave, which can be found here:

 Foundation Study Leave Additional Guidance


Application Form

Psychiatry Trainees should use the online form at 


All other trainees should download and complete the following application form.


The application form has been updated to help streamline the overall process, authorisation requirements have changed, signatories are no longer required on the form from either the Educational Supervisor or Rota Co-Ordinator. Trainees will need to confirm they have gained authorisation by ticking the appropriate box on the form and should HEE request confirmation they will need to provide evidence of this.

This form should be submitted to the relevant Study Leave Administrator for your specialty. Please see the "List of Study Leave Administrators" section further down this page.

Excel icon The Study Leave Application Form 2019

 From 1st October 2015, claims for expenses will be counted from the date from which the course/conference starts.  Any FS2 expenses claim form received 3 months after this date will not be processed.  In accordance with the study leave guidance study leave applications must be submitted 4 weeks in advance of the start date.

Other Documents to Download

 Study Leave Application (FS1) Form Process Flow Chart

 Study Leave Expense Claim Form (FS2)Process Flow Chart

HEE Study Leave Guidelines 2019

Guide to Applying for Study Leave and Claiming Study Leave Related Expenses

 Study Leave - An overview of the HEE-wide approach 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons for delays to applications and claims

PLEASE NOTE: Where a trainee attends a training/study event on a zero hours day, the trainee is to take the zero hours day at a mutually agreeable time within the rota cycle as agreed by the HEP and the trainee, thus ensuring rotas remain compliant within New Deal requirements.


Lists of TPD's and Study Leave Administrators

Trainees should submit their application form to the correct Study Leave Administrator from the below.

 List of TPD’s and Study Leave Administrators


Process for Applying for Study Leave for all StR and SpR Trainees:

  1. Download the electronic application form above.
  2. Complete sections A, B and C ensuring you have inserted estimation of expenses you expect to claim.

Email your completed form to your Educational Supervisor and Rota Coordinator to obtain approval for the course / conference and the time respectively.

Please note, study leave can be approved by:

  1. Inserting an electronic signature image into the study leave application, or
  2. Attaching an email from the relevant individual, stating that approval has been given.
  3. Your Educational Supervisor and Rota Coordinator should email you back confirmation of their approval.
  4. Forward the two approval emails along with the application for to the relevant study leave administrator (please see list above).
  5. The study leave administrator will then forward your request to the Training Programme Director.
  6. You must then await an acknowledgment from the Deanery which will be emailed to you with a study leave expenses claim form.
  7. You should submit your expenses claim form to the Deanery as soon as possible after the course/ conference along with receipts.


Contacting the Study Leave Section

For queries regarding the status of your application you should contact the Study Leave Administrator for your specialty (see lists at top of page).

For general enquiries and queries regarding payment of expenses only you should contact the Deanery Study Leave Administrators listed below. STUDY LEAVE APPLICATIONS SHOULD NOT NORMALLY BE FORWARDED TO THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES. PLEASE SEE THE LIST OF STUDY LEAVE ADMINISTRATORS FURTHER UP THIS PAGE:

Sarah Turner

Tel: 0161 268 9678


Lisa Morris

Tel: 0161 268 9854


Debbie Walker

Tel: 0161 268 9606