Training posts in the North West Deanery Region

There are training posts at Dental Foundation, Dental Core Training and Specialty Registrar level available in North Western Deanery in dental specialties within both the primary and secondary care sectors.

Dental Foundation Training Posts (DF)

There are currently some Dental Foundation Training posts being piloted in the North West Region which encompass both primary and secondary care training.

Dental Core Training 1 (DCT 1)

These posts are for one year commencing early August (September from 2015) and are usually advertised via the Deanery Website and NHS jobs in January/February with the interviews held in early March. The posts are ideally suitable for individuals who have completed DF and who wish to complete the foundation competencies. Appointment is by competitive interview and a clinical competency assessment.

These post are predominantly but not exclusively in the secondary care sector with two posts linked to the community/salaried services.

All standard Dental Foundation Training Posts and Dental Core Training (DCT 1) posts are administered by Mr David Read, Associate Dental Director for Dental Foundation Training, Email: Tel: 01204 573100 Fax: 01204 705196.

Dental Core Training 2 (DCT 2)

There are currently 10 such posts being piloted in the North West Region. Five are based in the University Dental Hospital of Manchester, one at Manchester Royal Infirmary, two at the Royal Preston Hospital, one in the North Manchester Hospital and one at Blackburn Royal Infirmary. Each post has six months based at the Dental Hospital and six months in one of the District General Hospitals. The post is originally for one year; there will be competitive entry for a further year, dependent on satisfactory completion of year one and a clinical competency assessment.

These posts are for those who have completed DF and DCT1 and wish to undertake a career development post, either for “general development with a view to DwSPi position” or to gain specific specialty experience prior to applying for an StR post.  Five of these posts will have an on-call commitment in line with the European Working Time Directives.

Dental Core Training 3 (DCT 3)

Information will be made available as soon as possible

Specialty Registrar Posts

These posts are advertised via the BDJ and NHS jobs when they become vacant. Appointment is by competitive interview and a clinical competency assessment and the structure and content of the posts will comply with the relevant SAC recommendations and the “Dental Gold Guide” (available from

These posts are annually assessed using the ACRP process.

The Deanery currently has 33 posts (3 self-funded and the remainder funded by Madel, SHA funding, University or NHS funding streams)

The following dental specialty training is currently undertaken in North West  Deanery:

  •       Dental Public Health
  •       Dental Radiology
  •       Oral Medicine
  •       Orthodontics
  •       Oral Pathology
  •       Oral Surgery
  •       Paediatric Dentistry
  •       Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics (part-time four year self-funded posts)
  •       Restorative Dentistry
  •       Special Care Dentistry 

All DCT 2 posts and Specialty training Posts are administered by Dr Craig Barclay, Associate Dental Dean for Dental Specialised Training, Email: 

Tel: 0161 625 7661 (Specialty Training) Fax: 0161 625 7502

Tel. 0161 625 7659 (DCT2) Fax: 0161 625 7502