The following documents have been added as a resource for the Foundation Dentist:


3.  Preparation for commencing post in Dental Foundation Training

4.  Understanding the DFT Contract

5.  DFT Salary

6.  The Dental Foundation Training Curriculum 2015

7.  Study Day information

8.  Process for claiming expenses related to attendance on Study Days

9.   Registration onto Maxcourse - the online booking system

10. Social Media

11. FD Forum

12. FD Case Presentation Example



Term 1           1 September 2020 – 11 December 2020

Term 2           8 January 2021 (7 January 2021 for GM SE Sector) – 26 March 2021

Term 3           16 April 2021 (15 April 2021 for GM SE Sector)  – 25 June 2021

Educational Supervisors

We strongly advise that Educational Supervisors do not take any holidays during the first 4 weeks of Foundation Training. This is a valuable period for both Educational Supervisor and Foundation Dentist, to form a strong working relationship and allows time for the Foundation Dentist to become accustomed to the practice.

Foundation Dentists
The study day programme is an essential part of Foundation Training. Therefore Foundation Dentist's must not take holidays during term time, attendance at study days is mandatory and essential for certification at the end of training.


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