Performers List Validation by Experience (PLVE)

Since April 2006 dentists, who are not already on the National Performers List, have had to apply for a Performer Number from the Local Area Team of NHS England (NHSE). This includes dentists working as locums who are not already on the National Performers List.

Those dentists who do not have a Dental Foundation Training Certificate, or who have not completed an appropriate period of Foundation Training as defined in the Regulations, must be assessed by the Area Team in consultation with the LETB to decide whether the dentist can be admitted to the list based on having previous experience and training including NHS primary dental care.

Deaneries ceased to exist in 2013 and are now part of Health Education England's Local Education and Training Boards. PCTs also ceased to exist and in their place, NHS England now manages a National Performers List.

To join this national performers list you are required to apply via a central NHSE system PCSE (CAPITA) who work closely with local branches of NHS England, known as Area Teams.

The National Performers List website is a useful source of information and contains a postcode search tool, which allows you to easily identify the Area Team that covers the region in which you wish to work. The search results also provide contact details.

Application to Local Area Team of NHS England (NHSE)

If you are eligible for PLVE, your first step is to secure a position within a practice - HEE NW does not hold a list of such practices, this is something that you will need to reaserch yourself. You then need to apply to the relevent AT for that area, to be included in their Performers List.

You may wish to download copies of the VALIDATION BY EXPERIENCE DENTIST GUIDANCE PACK and VALIDATION SUPERVISOR GUIDANCE PACK so you will have more of an understanding of the process. 

Your Area Team will see in your application that you do not have a Dental Foundation Training number and are not exempt from Dental Foundation training.  

Usually the application continues as follows;

  • you receive notification that you will have to complete the PLVE process. 
  • a member of HEE NW team will then contact you. 

Please note that there is no need for you to contact the HEE NW in advance of this.

Further information

For further information and guidance please email:

Sarah Roberts