Vacancies : 2023 FY2 Standalone Foundation Programme and Locally Appointed Service Posts

Stand-alone FY2 foundation training vacancies in the North West of England Foundation School for commencement in August 2023. The UKFPO advert can be viewed on Oriel.




This can be found *HERE*


Click here for a full range of frequently asked questions related to Stand-alone recruitment.



F1 Stand-alone Vacancies

The UKFPO no longer recruit to FY1 standalone programmes. Doctors with full GMC registration wishing to undertake an FY1 service post (LAS, this does not count towards Foundation Programme experience) should visit the NHS Jobs website to view any available vacancies. The foundation school has no involvement with the advertisement of these posts or subsequent management of doctors within them, this is all handled by the employing trust. 



F2 Stand-alone Foundation Programme Vacancies

Standalone F2 level vacancies that arise in March/April 2023 will be recruited to via Oriel and will be eligible as one-year fixed term posts. The recruitment process will be handled centrally by the UK Foundation Programme Office. For entry to the 2023 F2 Standalone Foundation Programme applicants must apply between Monday 16th January and Monday 30th January 2023.


Appointees will be part of the Foundation School and have access to all educational resources, including the Horus e-portfolio.  However, there will be no guaranteed access to remedial training if the applicant does not attain the relevant level of competence at the end of the fixed-term contract.


One year fixed term F2 stand-alone posts are only open to doctors holding full GMC registration with a license to practice. After this recruitment process has been completed any remaining vacancies or further vacancies that arise will be advertised locally on NHS Jobs website by Trusts as service posts only.



FY2 Stand-Alone Clearing Vacancies Phase


Applicants who have received an offer in the first two rounds of offers in mid and late May 2023 will not receive further offers as part of the clearing process. For example, if an applicant received an offer from Northern Foundation School and declined this offer during the first round of offers, they will not receive a further offer from Northern during clearing. The applicant could however receive an offer from North West of England if they had applied there and not previously received an offer.


Clearing rounds will run in three tranches between 7th June and 21st June 2023.


Applicants who have accepted offers during the first two rounds of offers will not receive further offers from any foundation school.

Any vacancies remaining after the final round of offers on 21st June 2023 will be released to local employers for recruitment to Locum Appointment to Service (LAS) posts. Clearing vacancies will be advertised on Oriel within the 2023 FY2 Standalone recruitment vacancy. 



Overseas applicants


Overseas graduates seeking training in the UK are advised to contact to the General Medical Council (GMC) in the first instance to establish the level of GMC registration they are eligible for in the UK. Entry to the UK at Foundation level is dependent on whether a doctor is eligible for provisional or full registration.  If a doctor is eligible for provisional registration with the GMC then entry will be via the national Eligibility Office. 

If a doctor is eligible for full registration with the GMC then entry may be via application to a one-year fixed term F2 stand-alone post (subject to full entry requirements outlined in the national person specification)



Further Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants can access further information, a full range of stand-alone related FAQ's and national application requirements through the foundation programme website.

Further Information for Trusts
The North West of England School has produced additional guidance for local trusts, to clarify national regulations around recruitment.  This guidance can be downloaded here.


The HENW Position Statement: Appointment to Foundation level vacancies can be found here.