Medical Training Initiative Programme (MTI)

Please send all MTI applications to along with the information listed below.


MTI Application Process

All applications for the Medical Training Initiative must be sent to along with the following

Employer Signature

Supervising consultant signature on application form


Educational Contract



To facilitate timely sign off and potential delays seeking clarification, a statement from the TPD confirming educational value of the post and that it does not impact on specialty training may be helpful


Once all the information is received, applications will then be reviewed by the Associate Dean, Dr Aruna Hodgson



General Information

The Medical Training Initiative programme was organised and made operational a few years ago to enable International Medical and Dental graduates to gain experience and training in the NHS. They are allowed a maximum of two years stay in the UK before returning to their home country.

These doctors and dentists will be placed in a post that would not affect the training opportunities of those trainees who are on an approved training programme in the specialty and the Trust.

The post should provide the training that is relevant to the specific learning needs of the doctor/dentist and has approval of the College and specialty. The employing Trust is responsible for the completion of the required application process.

The application form needs sign off by the Associate Dean, Dr Aruna Hodgson, and submitted to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges for sponsorship of Tier 5 visa which is issued by the UKBA.

Details of application process and the application form is available from the AoMRC website by clicking here.

The Trust and/or specialty/consultant has to support the application, get the paper work completed and submit to AoMRC. The Trust is the employer and is responsible for managing the doctor/dentist while in their employment.

The College/Specialty is the sponsor for the doctor/dentist for registration with GMC/GDC where the doctor/dentist has not obtained registration directly with the regulatory body.

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is the sponsor for the visa application to the UKBA.

Health Education England North West must confirm that the post used within the MTI scheme is suitable for the training and learning needs of the doctor/dentist occupying the post and will receive appropriate support. In addition, needs to assure that the post being used in the MTI programme would not diminish the training opportunities available to trainees within an approved training programme.

To assist this, our Associate Dean requires confirmation of the suitability of the post for learning, and that it would not affect the training needs of the trainees within an approved programme from the relevant specialty TPD and Trust DME.  See attached check list below.

Please note that it may take up to 3 months to complete the process and should be planned as much in advance as possible to avoid any unnecessary delay for the Trust and the doctor/dentist.


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MTI Application Process


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