Dental Study Leave

****Important Study Leave Update****

HICOM – Accent Leave system

This an important update for all Post Graduate dentists in training who are involved in the Study leave application and expense process.

In conjunction with HICOM and the HEE National Study Leave project team HEENW are pleased to announce changes to the way Study Leave applications and expenses will go live in this region on Wednesday 8th March 2023.

As previously reported the system will be automated and you as Post Graduate dentists in training will be able to view exactly where any application is in the process.

Dental specialty and Dental Core Trainees in training will have received an introductory email from HICOM with details of how to access the system.

If you have  mislaid this email below is a link by which you can access the system resetting your password.

Futhermore all stakeholders should have received an email on the last two weeks confirming the above and access to tutorials and manuals providing detail around how to submit an application, how to approve an application and also how to upload and submit expenses will be available soon.

Links to the tutorials available soon.

The communications will have been sent using details provided to HEENW which has been recorded on the Trainee Information System (TIS).

If you have not provided an email address or you have changed your email address you will not have received any correspondence regarding the above, more importantly you will need to send latest details as soon as possible as until you do you will not be able to submit Study Leave applications. 

The Study Leave team continue to be extremely busy completeing the transition to the new system and answering numerous queries on the new system.   

Trainees must ensure that they request and submit applications for study leave at least 6 weeks prior to the event

The claim form was not submitted within 3 months of the course start date or before the end of February (whichever comes first)