Support for Dental Nurses Returning to Practice


The Return to Practice programme for dental nurses has been designed to facilitate a seamless transition for experienced dental nurses in the Northwest, to return to work after an extended career break. It accounts for the unique challenges dental nurses face and includes free return-to-work advice, support and training to enable skilled dental nurses to return to the workplace feeling informed and confident. 


Dental nurses wishing to return to work and restore their name onto the GDC register, may be faced with many hours of verifiable eCPD to obtain within a limited timeframe. The Return to Practice Programme offers dental nurses up to 50 hours of free, directed eCPD. Dental nurses will also have the opportunity to gain advice on the enhanced CPD scheme along with one-to-one support in building a structured personal development plan that meets GDC requirements, supports lifelong learning and clear career pathways. Applicants will also receive support and funding for up to one year following registration, with access to free upskilling and post qualification courses (terms and conditions apply). 


Programme Highlights 

1.       Training: The programme will develop dental nurses’ confidence and competencies by offering a free, personalised educational calendar that upskills clinical and professional competencies for those wishing to re-enter the workforce without feeling overwhelmed.

2.       Personalised support:  Guidance and support will be given during the initial stages to develop a Personal Development Plan that allows the dental nurse to have a structured framework in which to reflect upon their skills, identify skill gaps, know what they want to achieve and how to go about it.

3.       Professional Development: We are committed to helping dental nurses grow in their careers. Our programme includes opportunities for ongoing education and skill development with a ‘Keeping in touch’ scheme following re-registration.

4.       Flexible Scheduling: We understand the need for flexibility and work with returning dental nurses to accommodate their needs as they transition back into the workforce. Dental nurses will have access to up to 50 hours of free quality assured eCPD.


How to join the programme

If you are a dental nurse who has taken a leave of absence and are ready to return to work, or if you know someone in this situation, we encourage you to contact us by completing the application form below. Once your application form has been received, we will provide you with further information about the Return-to-Work Programme and guide you through your personal development needs and agree what training is available to meet your requirements to enable you to re-register with the GDC.

To apply for the Return to Practice Programme please click on the link below 



Once your application has been received, a member of the team will contact you.


This programme focuses on dental nurses who are no longer on the GDC register and wish to return to the profession. Dental nurses who do not hold a formal qualification or who joined the register in 2008 under the ‘Grandparenting Scheme’ are not eligible for the Return to Practice programme however, they may be eligible for funding to join an apprenticeship scheme.


There are some useful links below that may be beneficial for all dental nurses in preparing to return to work. 


Useful information

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