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North West Plastic Surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is the branch of surgery that concerned with the restoration to the normal form and function.

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Plastic Surgery training in NHS England – North West is divided between two sectors and each have their own Training Programme Director. Please select one of the following for further information on each sector:

East Sector (North Western) – Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria (former North Western Deanery)

West Sector (Mersey) – Cheshire and Merseyside (former Mersey Deanery)

The educational programme is joint and there is increasing integration of the two programmes, where it is seen a benefit for the trainees.


NHS England – North West Programme Support for Plastic Surgery

Programme Support Administrator for Surgery

Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths is based at our Manchester Office at Three Piccadilly Place
Tel: 0161 268 9575


Plastic Surgery Curriculum

external link icon For the most up to date syllabus and curriculum, please visit the ISCP website

Certification Guidelines:

Post-August 2021 curriculum ("new" curriculum)


Educational Opportunities

There is a combined regional teaching programme which covers the curriculum. There is an annual OCSE assessment that almost all of the trainees and trainers attend and this has been shown to be very helpful in aiding trainees with judging where their knowledge and technical skills are based.

The formal training programme runs on a rolling basis through the week. The M62 programme offers a regional training programme four times a year where trainees can learn with trainees from other North West departments.

The British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) and British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) training courses are run at the Manchester Conference Centre. They offer two comprehensive specialty training courses from an international faculty (Additional fees apply).

The newly commissioned Surgical Simulation Centre at the Manchester Medical School will provide opportunities for learning new surgical techniques.

Simulation facilities are available at Whiston and UHSM and Preston.

A fixed study leave budget is available for each trainee. Study leave must be applied for through the correct channels in a timely fashion.


TIG Programme

Manchester and Liverpool plastic surgeons are involved in the delivery of cross-specialty training in centrally appointed fellows in Hand Surgery, Breast Surgery, and Head and Neck Surgery.


National Plastic Surgery ST3 Recruitment

National Recruitment for ST3 Plastic Surgery is managed by NHS England – London and the South East.


external link icon Click here to go to NHS England – London and the South East's Recruitment website

external link icon Click here to go to the National NHS England Recruitment Website (includes Timelines, Guidance, Competition Ratios etc.)

external link icon ST3 Plastic Surgery person specification

external link icon JCST:Surgical selection in the UK

HEE North West mapPlastic Surgery in North West England

Sector: East (Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria)
Vacancies: 2
Start Date: 7 August 2024
Grade: ST3
Programme Length: 72 months

Apply via Oriel

Applications CLOSED

HEE North West mapPlastic Surgery in North West England

Sector: West (Cheshire and Merseyside)
Vacancies: 2
Start Date: 7 August 2024
Grade: ST3
Programme Length: 72 months

Apply via Oriel

Applications CLOSED


Plastic Surgery ACF Recruitment

Recruitment to Plastic Surgery Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF) posts in the North West is managed by NHS England – North West.

Click here to go to NHS England – North West's Recruitment website

HEE North West mapPlastic Surgery ACF in North West England

Sector: East (Greater Manchester and Lancashire) - University of Manchester
Vacancies: 1
Start Date: 7 August 2024
Grade: ST1 or ST3
Programme Length: 96 or 72 months (36 months as ACF)
Apply via Oriel

Applications CLOSED

Please Note

Trainees appointed to ST1 as an ACF will follow the Core Surgical Curriculum for the first two years before moving up to ST3 in the specified specialty.


NHS England – North West Links

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Leadership courses (Medical Leadership Fellowships, Postgraduate Module in Medical Leadership)

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Careers advice

Intra-LETB Transfer Policy for transferring between sectors within NHS England – North West (on Policies and Procedures page)


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Plastic Surgery