Hospital Medicine

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We are responsible for all activities linked with the postgraduate education and training of doctors within hospital medicine in NHS England (formerly Health Education England) working across the North West.


We support the monitoring, planning and performance of education programmes.


In addition, we aim to provide access to practical information needed by medical students and trainees within Foundation and StR grades and an insight into what NHSE NW can offer.


If you are looking for specific information related to your grade please follow the link below to the relevant sections:


  • Foundation training - for information on our School of Foundation Training & Physician Associates



For an overview of specialty training, please contact:


Name Job title Contact details
Emma Woods Programme Support Business Manager (Liverpool Office)

Claire McGovern Programme Support Business Manager (Manchester Office)




Other useful links: 

Careers advice


Education courses (PG Certificate in Workplace Based Postgraduate Medical Education Fellowship) 


Inter- Deanery Transfers 


Intra-LETB Transfer Policy for transferring between sectors within HEE NW (on Policies and Procedures page)


Lead Employer Team:


Tel: 0151 478 7777


Tel: 0151 290 4658


Leadership courses (Medical Leadership Fellowships, Postgraduate Module in Medical Leadership)


Less Than Full Time (LTFT) Training


Out of Programme (OOP) information


Policies & Procedures




Revalidation | Form R | Email:


Study Leave | Email:


SuppoRTT (Supported Return to Training)


Training Support Network