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North West SAS  RESPECT Charter 


If you are in support of the charter, please email your name, job title, and (if you wish) a small photo of yourself to  


RESPECT is treating others the way I would like to be treated


What will you do with the information submitted?


We are compiling a list of all those who are in support of the charter, and will add any photos received to the charter document itself.   In due course the charter will be uploaded to the HEE NW SAS webpage and also promoted through our networks.  Although we will keep a record of all those who have signed up to the charter, and will share information about how many people have signed up, we will not be sharing individual names or email addresses.

Why has the Charter been developed? 

Since I have been in post as Associate Dean with responsibility for SAS doctor development, I have learned about the high incidence of bullying & harassment which many SAS doctors experience, and have found this deeply upsetting.  I’m aware that a number of trusts are already working hard to promote a just & compassionate culture, that the interim NHS People Plan contains a commitment to “Make the NHS the best place to work” and that the BMA are also doing a lot of work in this area.  However, I think that such an entrenched problem needs to be addressed in a variety of different ways.  The aim is that the charter will be part of wider work to promote a positive culture and help to improve the experience of SAS doctors within the workplace.  


 What else is planned?


A poster on “Promoting a positive workplace culture – avoiding inadvertent microaggressions” was displayed at the SAS Conference and will be uploaded to the HEE NW SAS webpages shortly.   This includes useful information on what microaggressions are, how to avoid committing them & what to do if you experience them.    


We are planning to run some training on how to avoid/ address bullying and harassment.  Details will be circulated in due course. 


We are happy to receive any other suggestions for ways to reduce bullying and harassment.


I would like to thank Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for permission to adapt their Staff Respect Charter.



HEENW SAS Virtual Welcome Evening.

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