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Welcome to Broad Based Training!

7th November 2013
Please note that we have now published details of the Shortlisting Criteria used for the
Additional Broad Based Training questions on the application form. Please see here to
download the Shortlisting Criteria.

22nd October 2013
Please note that Health Education Kent Surrey and Susex (KSS) have confirmed that they
will not have any vacancies in Broad Based Training for posts starting in August 2014.
Therefore KSS will not be involved in the recruitment process opening on 12th November 2013

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2014 Overview

Entry level - CT1

Start date - August 2014

Broad Based Training (BBT) is a two-year structured core training programme providing six-month placements in Core Medical Training, General Practice, Paediatrics and Psychiatry. You will then enter at the CT2 or ST2 level in the BBT specialty of your choice in the same deanery without further competition, subject to satisfactory progression.

The number of posts available for 2014 is to be confirmed. They will be in the six LETBs/deaneries listed below. Please note that Kent Surrey and Sussex will not have any posts in the recruitment process for 2014. In addition, no new LETBs/deaneries are joining the process for 2014.

Coming at a time when healthcare provision is changing its focus from acute single episode care, delivered in acute hospitals, to the management of long term conditions delivered within community settings, this programme will equip you for the future by:

  1. Developing you into a more broad based practitioner, likely to bring a wider perspective to healthcare provision both now and throughout your career
  2. Enabling you to be adept at managing patients with complex medical needs;
  3. Ensuring that you have a firm grounding in the provision of patient focussed care;
  4. Providing you with time to develop conviction in your choice of career pathway; and
  5. Equipping you for successful entry into one of the four specialties on successful completion of the programme.

Recruitment for August 2014

Application Process

You will need to apply to BBT via the GP application process.

When you select the option to apply for BBT, there will be three additional questions. Your answers will be used as part of a shortlisting process to determine a rank order for invitation to the BBT Selection Centre.The shortlisting questions can be found in the CT1 Broad Based Training Applicants' Guide 2014.

Please note you can apply for BBT alone or BBT and GP. If you apply for both, you do not have to have the same first choice LETB for both BBT and GP unless you want to.

You will need to be successful at each stage of the GP selection process in order to be made a BBT offer.

The North Western Deanery, Health Education North West are coordinating recruitment to all BBT posts across England and will be running a centralised BBT selection centre on behalf of all deaneries with BBT posts. The BBT Selection Centre will comprise of 3 stations (covering medical, psychiatry and paediatric competences) plus a Paediatric Prescribing station.

The provisional recruitment timetable is outlined below.

Provisional Broad Based Training Programme Timetable for 2014





See here (available until 5th December 2013)

Applications open

Tuesday 12th November 2013 at 10am UK time

Applications close

Thursday 5th December 2013 at 5pm UK time

Stage 2 (Computer Based Testing)

Between Saturday 4th January and  Saturday 11th January 2014 at various locations across the UK

BBT Shortlisting

December 2013 / January 2014

Invitations to BBT Selection Centre expected

Initial invitations by no later than Thursday 16th January 2014.

Applicants on reserve list may receive an invitation to the selection centre with less notice, but we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible and to inform you of your approximate position on the reserve list.

BBT Selection Centre (covering CMT, Paediatrics & Psychiatry)

Thursday 30th January 2014 @ Reebok Stadium, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6JW

Stage 3 (GP Selection Centre)

Between Monday 3rd February - Friday 14th February 2014 at various locations in the UK


By no later than Wednesday 5th March 2014

Round 2

There will not be a Round 2 for Broad Based Training in 2014

Anticipated Start Date

Wednesday 6th August 2014

Participating Deaneries and Programme Details for 2014

UK Offers - 2013 Anticapted Track Details for information only.

  • 2013 anticipated BBT tracks - Please note 2014 track details may be very different. We hope to have full track details for 2014 available by the end of December 2013

We anticipate that there will posts in the following LETBs / deaneries in 2014:

LETB / Deanery

2013 Fill Rate

Anticipated Number of Posts for 2014

Health Education East Midlands

4 / 4 = 100%


Health Education North East

5 / 8 = 63%


North Western Deanery, Health Education North West

5 / 8 = 63%


Severn Postgraduate Medical Education, Health Education South West

4 / 4 = 100%


Health Education West Midlands

6 / 8 = 75%


Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber

8 / 8 = 100%



43 / 52 = 83%


You can find out more about each training programme by clicking on the links below.

East Midlands 2014

KSS 2014

North East 2014

North Western 2014

Severn 2014

West Midlands 2014

Yorkshire & Humber 2014 

Recruitment Bulletins

2014 Bulletins

2013 Bulletins - for information only

Useful Documents

BBT Selection Centre

To find out more about the BBT Selection Centre, taking place on Thursday 30th January 2014, please see the relevant sections of the Applicants' Guide

Other Sources of Information on Broad Based Training

After BBT

Subject to satisfactory progression, you can choose which of the four specialties you enter after BBT without any further competition.

You will be asked to confirm which specialty you intend to go into on completion of Broad Based Training early in your second year of Broad Based Training.

Your post following BBT will be in the same LETB as your BBT post unless you apply for another post elsewhere in open competition or apply via the Inter-Deanery Transfer process.

If you choose General Practice, you will enter GP training at ST2 level. If you choose Paediatrics, you will enter Paediatrics training at ST2 level. If you choose Psychiatry, you will enter Core Psychiatry Training at CT2 and if you choose Medicine, you will enter Core Medical Training at CT2 level. If you choose either of the core training programmes, you will have to compete in open competition for an ST3 medical or ST4 psychiatry specialty on completion of the core training programme.

Please click on the link below to see a diagram of the possible options following BBT:

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Last updated: 24th December 2013