How to Demonstrate Foundation and/or Core Competences

green bulletFoundation Competences

Please refer to the information and downloads available on the Specialty Training website at the following link for information on how to demonstrate Foundation Competences:

If applicable, please ensure you attach your Foundation Competence documentation to your application form.

Please note that for posts starting from August 2015 onwards only the updated 2015 Alternative Certificate will be accepted. You can download the form via the link above.


green bulletCore Competences

Please refer to the relevant national lead for specific information on how to demonstrate core competence. You may need to bring evidence from  work - based assessments of clinical performance (e.g. DOPS, Mini-CEX, CBD, ACAT) and Multi -Source Feedback or equivalent, ARCP or equivalent, or to get a Core Equivalence (Certificate C) form completed.





Last reviewed: 30th July 2015