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Study Leave - Reasons for Delays

Reasons which could cause delays in applications:

FULL name not completed.

Invalid email address. 

Postal address not completed. 

GMC number not completed.

Multiple courses on one application form.

Start and End dates of courses not completed (this must always be completed, even for online courses where you will not be taking any days off), if an named exam please clearly state

Name of the course and venue not included (simply writing "Course" is not acceptable, the course title must be provided).

Approval from the Educational Supervisor or Rota Coordinator is not included.

The wrong application form is used. You must use the form downloaded from the Deanery Website. Local

Trust forms will not be accepted.

Reasons for delays in processing of expense claims and/or non payment of claims:

Reference number of the study leave is missing or incorrect. The correct number can be found in the top right hand corner of the approved application.

Full name is not completed. GMC number not completed.

You did not state you wished to claim for an expense on the application form.

For course/conference fees, the fee amount  stated on the application form was lower than the actual course fee. Course/conference fees will only be refunded to the amount stated on the application form.

The claim form was not signed.

The claim form was not submitted within 3 months of the course start date or before the end of February

(whichever comes first).