Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP)



The School of ACCS holds biannual ARCPs in January and June / July each year. Trainees will be advised of their ARCP date at the beginning of the academic year. Portfolios will be assessed at the Assessment Panel (previously know as Panel A) and a final outcome will be awarded. Two weeks later the school holds a Feedback Panel (previously known as a Panel B) where trainees who achieve any outcome other than an outcome 1 will be expected to attend.

Form R part A and B

We have recently reviewed our Form R & Self Declaration process.  You will be sent an Online Form R Guidance doc for each new ARCP, please follow the instructions as paper forms are no longer used.  The self-declaration form will need to be emailed to your Educational Supervisor to sign and a copy must also be uploaded to your e-portfolio.  Self-Declarations should now only be completed if you have been impacted by COVID since your last ARCP.

Form R can be completed 8 weeks prior to panel  – any changes to the Form R i.e. sick leave etc please send an updated Form R following the same process. Once completed, please upload a copy to your e-portfolio and send a copy to  This does not need to be validated by your TPD.

**Please note, if the ES report has already been completed at this stage, a validation confirmation via email will be accepted.

 ARCP dates for 2023

Thursday & Friday 15th & 16th June 2023 Assessment Panel.

Wednesday 5th July 2023 Feedback Panel.


Please see attached the most recent Decision Aid from The Royal College of Anaesthetists