ACCS - Manchester


North Western ACCS Teaching in 2022-23



Training will be held by the hosts trusts in the following months 

Date Training / Year Location Topic
August 2022 ST2 F2F Induction and Quality Panel
16th September 2022 ST1 Blackpool Opthalmology, ENT, Dermatology
21st October 2022 ST2 Bolton Palliation, Surgical, Toxicology
18th November 2022 ST1 Royal Blackburn, Learning Centre  
November 2022 ST1 Virtual MSK course
December 2022   Virtual Virtual Leadership
January 2023 ST1 WWL Urology, O&G, Mental Health
February 2023 ST2 MRI Renal, Vascular, Haematology
21st March 2023 ST1 UHSM ID Endocrinology Cardiology
30th March 2023 ST2 UHSM Renal Vascular Haematology 
5th April 2023 ST1 WWL Urology, O&G, Mental Health
2nd June 2023 ST2 Pennine (Oldham)

Gastro, Allergy, Pain management

16th June 2023 ST2 SRFT Trauma, Environmental, Neurology
24th July 2023 ST1 Stockport Oncology, Sexual health, Frailty


ST1 SIM dates for 2022-23

Sim courses will be run by LTHTR which includes 1 day of Sim for ST1 and 4 days of Sim for ST2.

CT1 Teaching dates for 2022-23

Trainees will be allocated a Sim Date in advance as will only attend one course.

For CT1 ACCS days  

Date:             Venue:                       
Friday 16th September 2022 Blackpool

For CT2 Decision Making days 


Friday 16th June 2023





Regional ACCS ST2 Teaching 2021-22



There are local tutorials for the basic new starters in Anaesthesia from the schools.

Dates to be confirmed for ACCS CT2 EM and AM trainees, all at Bolton Postgrad centre 0900-1600.


Please refer to the Study Leave section for forms and guidelines Study Leave