CT1 Core Psychiatry Training Recruitment Current Round


February 2023 Intake


  • CT1/ST1 Psychiatry Recruitment Timetable - HERE
  • CT1/ST1 Psychiatry Applicants' Guide - HERE
  • CT1/ST1 Psychiatry Indicative Vacancy Numbers - HERE


This round of recruitment will not include face-to-face or other forms of interviews. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to attend a Multi-Specialty Recruitment Assessment  (MSRA). 

Applicants will be ranked based on their MSRA score, and offers will be made on this basis.


August 2022 Intake

The application window for this round of recruitment has now closed


CT1/ST1 Psychiatry Recruitment Timetable 

CT1/ST1 Psychiatry Applicants Guide  

CT1/ST1 Psychiatry Indicative Vacancies 

ST1 Intellectual Disability Run-through Pilot 




Last Reviewed: 22/07/2022