CT1 Core Psychiatry Training Recruitment Overview

Welcome to National CT1 Psychiatry Training Recruitment 

The recruitment for all CT1 Psychiatry training posts in England, Scotland and Wales is the responsibility of the National Psychiatry Recruitment Office, based within Health Education England's North West Local Office.

Northern Ireland continues to operate its own recruitment process for psychiatry. For further details please visit the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training website

The current round of CT1 Recruitment (Round 2 Re-Advert) for posts commencing from February 2021 has now closed. 


The next round of CT1 Recruitment (Round 1A) for posts commencing from August 2021 will open for application at 10am UK time on Thursday 5th November 2020 and will close at 4pm UK time on Tuesday 1st December 2020. 

Applications must be made via Oriel (a link to the applicant portal is provided below). Applications must be submitted by the above deadline. Late applications will not be accepted. 




Please read the applicants’ guide in full before applying, this can be found under the ‘Guidance Documents’ tab.

Application Portal (please click logo to access webpage)





    Last Reviewed: 2nd September 2020