ACFs in conjunction with Lancaster University

ACFs in conjunction with Lancaster University


The Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University has an established ACF programme which is linked to our work-based Masters in Clinical Research programme which is undertaken by ACFs on a part-time basis for three years. The programme provides an introduction to clinical research and applied methodological skills and enables ACFs to develop the skills and knowledge to translate research into practice.


The MSc in Clinical Research has been designed, in consultation with NHS Partners, to meet the needs of practitioners and staff working in the NHS to ensure its relevance and value to NHS health professionals. The MSc is therefore suitable for individuals who may enter the ACF programme with minimal or no experience of research and research methods, and has recently been updated following feedback from previous participants. Equally, those entering the programme with considerable prior experience, or a credits from a pre-existing programme of study, can have their own learning needs assessed on an individual basis and their research training programme adapted accordingly. Additionally, the CHICAS research group offers an ongoing programme of research development activities for staff and students, e.g. an internal research forum and a seminar series featuring external speakers, and the appointee will be encouraged to actively participate in the group’s educational activities. External opportunities may also be identified and supported where possible.


Round 1 2024 Vacancies 


University Specialty Theme Post number Grade
Lancaster Anaesthetics ( Neurology/Resp Med) Response Mode 1 CT2-ST4
Lancaster Neurology ( Anaesthetics/Resp Med) Response Mode 1 ST1 or ST4
Lancaster Resp Med ( Anaesthetics/ Neurology) Response Mode 1 ST1 or ST4
lancaster Anaesthetics ( Palliative Med/ Paediatrics) Response Mode 1 CT2-ST4
Lancaster Palliative Med ( Anaesthetics/Paediatrics) Response Mode 1 ST1
Lancaster Paediatrics ( Anaethetics/ Palliative Med) Response Mode 1 ST1 Paed
Lancaster Public Health ( GP/Paediatrics) Prevention & PH 1 ST1-ST3
Lancaster Paediatrics ( GP/Paediatrics) Prevention & PH ST1
Lancaster GP ( Public Health/ Paediatrics) Prevention & PH 1 ST1 or ST2
Lancaster General Psychiatry ( GP/PH) Mental Health 1 ST1
Lancaster GP ( General Psychiatry/PH) Mental Health 1 ST1 or ST2
Lancaster PH ( GP/General Psychiatry) Mental Health 1 ST1-ST3


General Contact Details:

For all Lancaster University queries, except for General Practice, please contact:


The Academic Lead for Lancaster University is Dr Amy Gadoud (    



Academic Lead: Cliff Shelton

Endocrinology & Diabetes

Academic Lead: Professor Jen Logue

General Practice

Academic Lead: Fliss Connolly


Academic Lead: Amy Gadoud

Public Health Medicine 

Academic Lead: Mark Limmer


Last updated: 17th May 2023