Martin Seligman - An American Psychologist and author of 'Flourish'

Martin Seligman is an American psychologist who has undertaken alot of research behind CBT. His more recent book “Flourish” looks at some of the evidence behind resilience. 



One of his themes is that we all have a different range of strengths, and being aware of those can help you see where you will get the best effect and enjoyment. Go to, under questionnaires and then VIA survey of character strengths (not the brief strengths one). Log on to the site and you will be emailed a report which summarises the 24 strengths and highlights which are your character strengths. 


The questionnaire has 240 questions, and produces a ranking of your personal strengths. His evidence shows is that it is likely to be your top three strengths that really give you a buzz and energise you and that understanding them can help you understand and plan your most effective approach to work. See the following short video about signature strengths.


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