ST3 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Current Round


***8 July 2020***

Please note that as all the Autumn 2020 interviews will now take place online, interviewees will no longer be required to create a physical portfolio, as detailed in the Applicant's Guide. Interviewees will now only attend one panel, not multiple stations and all questions will be asked by the same interviewers. The Self-Assessment stage will now take place prior to the interviews. Candidates will be notified by email of the steps they need to follow to upload the evidence.

*** 25 June 2020***

Please see the new REVISED timetable in the current round section of this website

The anticipated outcome of the training programme starting at ST3 Obstetrics & Gynaecology, subject to satisfactory progression, will depend on your experience and training to date. The anticipated outcome of the training programme, subject to satisfactory progression, is CCT or CESR (CP). As of 18th May 2020, you may also be eligible for CCT rather than CESR(CP) if you have completed the minimum number of years on a UK training programme for your specialty applicable under EU legislation. Please see GMC website for details.


August 2020 Intake (Round 2)


Last Reviewed: 8 July 2020