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Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)



An ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) will take place for all postgraduate doctors in training (including LTFT doctors) at least once per calendar year. For most doctors in training this will take place in June/July. However, some doctors may have their ARCP in December/January. Ad-hoc ARCPs may take place at other times of the year as required. The ARCP outcome will be decided at an ARCP assessment panel at which the doctor in training will not be present. Therefore, all evidence must be on their JRCPTB ePortfolio before the date of the ARCP assessment panel. The TPD (Training Programme Director) may ask that evidence is ready 2 weeks in advance of the ARCP assessment panel. Doctors in training will not normally attend the ARCP assessment panel, however the TPD may ask you to attend for an Educational Meeting which will take place after the Panel have decided the ARCP outcome. Doctors in training issued a developmental outcome (Outcome 2, 3 or 4) must attend the ARCP feedback panel to discuss the outcome and objectives for the next period of training.

ARCP Decision Aids

Renal Medicine 2022 ARCP Decision Aid

PDF icon Renal Medicine ARCP Decision Aid (revised 2017).pdf

JRCPTB Renal Medicine Webpage


For a full guide of the standard HEE North West process for ARCPs please visit our policies and procedures page:



Dates of Next Assessments



The dates of the next assessments for renal medicine (North West) are as follows:

10 and 21




VENUE: Virtual - Microsoft Teams


The dates of the next assessments for renal medicine (Mersey) are as follows:





VENUE: Virtual - Microsoft Teams 


Ad-hoc ARCPs and Interims Reviews for individual doctors may take place on other dates, affected doctors will be notified by email.


Please note that the above dates are subject to change; if there are any amendments these will be reflected on the website as soon as possible.



Form R



For GMC revalidation purposes, an up-to-date Form R Part B must be submitted a maximum of 2 months before any ARCP (a Form R is not required for an Interim Progress Review).  The Form R should be submitted via the Trainee Self Service system (TSS).


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