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Jane Mamelok

Postgraduate Medical Dean
Assistant Name: 
Emma Berry
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Jane Mamelok was appointed Postgraduate Medical Dean  in October 2016 and  leads the team delivering multi-professional workforce education and development across the North West. Jane was a graduate entry to medical school (University College London 1986) having studied at Durham University for her BSc in Biology and Ecology. Jane’s background is in general practice and she has been a GP for 26 years and was still in clinical practice until 2015.


Jane has been involved in medical education for 25 years, with a long association with the former North Western Deanery prior to her appointment appointment as GP Director for Mersey in 2011. She took over as Deputy Postgraduate Dean for Primary Care and Public Health the North West in 2015.


Jane’s main area of interest is assessment and quality assurance; she has a Masters in Medical Education (Dundee 2012). Jane has 14 years’ experience as a MRCGP examiner and was the RCGP Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) Clinical Lead from 2007 - 2013. She has held national roles including Vice – Chair of COGPED (Committee of GP Education Directors) and Chair of HEE GP Directors/Deans leading Curriculum development and recruitment initiatives. Jane has been a CEGPR assessor for the GMC since 2013 and continues in that role.


Jane is Honorary Civilian Consultant Adviser to the Army and a member of Defence Medical Services (DMS) Education Committee, leading quality assurance visits to Defence training organisations across all three services in the UK and overseas.


Outside of medicine she is a passionate gardener and novice church bell ringer.