Roy Wallworth

Roy Wallworth
Associate Dean - GP

I am a GP in Accrington Lancs and still an active Trainer. I became Associate Director in June 2002 and I have patch responsibility for East Lancashire. 

I am the lead AD for the Northern Academy of the GP School

I have lead responsibility for work experience in General Practice for 6 th form students and I have contributed to the design of 6 th form conferences across Cumbria and Lancs.

In my role as educator I contribute to the regular Trainer and  Educator conferences as well as the Trainer Masterclasses. I lead on the Consultation skills Masterclass.

I have had an interest in developing training capacity for some time. I have also developed an interest in early detection of trainees who might fail and strategies for prevention. I am also involved in providing support for Trainers who are supervising trainees on extensions of training.

On a more personal note I have a wife and 2 daughters and I try to keep sane by cycling regularly in the countryside around East Lancs.