Learning Environments in Primary Care

The way we approve learning environments in Primary Care has changed. We will now be approving environments in a unified way, bringing together NHS England/NMC/GMC/HEI (university - except medical students) audits into one process called the Unified Learning Environment (ULE) audit, which is being led by the ICS Training Hubs and supported by the NW Primary Care School.

There is currently a huge expansion taking place in Primary Care, so there has never been a better time to get involved!

Within the NW, we have developed the audit to offer two possible routes:

  1. An individual GP practice can be approved as a single learning environment, with the ICS Training Hub providing the overarching educational governance and quality management. 
  2. Alternatively, a multi-provider environment, such as a PCN or Federation, can be approved. Each individual environment within the multi-provider wanting to be involved in education and training will complete a single learning environment audit. In addition, the multi-provider organisation will complete an audit and take on the overarching educational governance of these learning environments. The Training Hub will be responsible for quality management.

For further information on how to become an approved learning environment, and what the audit process looks like, please see our Sway document below.

You can also view this as a separate document in Sway directly by clicking here.

Please contact your local Training Hub directly if you are looking to be approved as a learning environment:

Greater Manchester

Email: GMTH@GMFeds.co.uk   

Website: https://gmthub.co.uk/

Cheshire & Merseyside 

Email:  ecccg.cheshiretraininghub@nhs.net

Website: https://www.cmthub.co.uk/

Lancashire & South Cumbria 

Email: mbpcc.lscthub@nhs.net   

Website: https://www.lscthub.co.uk/



If you are interested in becoming a Supervisor within Primary Care, please visit the pages below for further information: